The Fat Lady and the Nun

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The Fat Lady and the Nun

I stood in the shower the next morning, hard as a rock, stroking myself thinking about the blubber monster?s /fat/">fat /asshole/">asshole and how she squeezed my cock to a ball-wrenching orgasm. I wondered what sick sexual punishment I was going to receive at the hands of this mysterious ?Betty.? I drove to the /fat/fat-lady/">fat lady?s apartment as instructed at about 10, and saw the behemoth pouring herself into their car.

?About fucking time you got here,? she said as I walked over to them. ?Get in. We?ve got something a little different for you today.?
?Betty?? I asked as I got in the back seat.
?Nah,? she said, sexxxx video ful hd ?Betty couldn?t do it today so she?ll have to wait. We?re taking you to church so you can pay for your sins, he he.?

I sat in anticipation as Mary drove us to a nearby church. we parked and walked inside. The place was empty. After a few minutes, a nun came in in full habit. It was hard to tell but she looked to be in her forties or fifties and of medium height and build..
?Hmmm, ? the nun purred. ?I like what you brought me, ladies.?
?He?s a real sick fuck, mother superior,? the fat domme said, lighting a smoke. ?he needs to be punished.?
?I?ll take care of him,? the nun replied. ?Get him ready I?ll be right back. Mary you can start him off.?
?Yes ma?am.? Mary answered.
?Alright boy. Strip.? My fat queen commanded.

I took my clothes off and they led me into a back room.
?Lay down,? she again ordered.

I did as instructed. Mary then took her clothes off and straddled my dick, I was instantly hard as she guided it into her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and began to ride me
?Yea he likes that,? the fat lady said as she looked on.

After a few minutes of the hot young babe cowgirl-ing my hard rod, the mother superior came back into the room. I almost shot my load at the sight of her. She was wearing only her veil, black fishnet stockings and a pair of black stilettos. She stood watching Mary fuck me for a minute or two and then began to walk over.
?Alright, let me have him.? She said.

Mary climbed off of me, my dick stood at attention for the nun?s inspection. She bent over and grabbed my cock while smirking evilly.
?I heard about your filthy fat-fuck session,? she said. ?You may have to show me that later. But first, we?re gonna see how much you like my feet..?

She sat down in a chair and began to rub my hardness with her sexy high heels. I was having a hard time not blowing my wad because I was so turned on by the way she was dressed.
?Make him suck your heels mother,? my fat queen said.
?Mmmm, yes that sounds good.? mother superior responded. She lifted her foot to my mouth and commanded me to suck her stiletto. I sucked on it while Mary and her mom looked on smoking cigarettes.
?Let him hold it in his mouth while you foot fuck him. The /dirty/dirty-fuck/">dirty fuck will cum all over yr stockings, mother.?
?Yes I need some hot young man juice on my fishnets.? mother superior said. She slid her shoes off and stuck one in my mouth.
?Suck it? she said. ?And don?t stop till I fucking tell you. ?

?Yes ma?am? I mumbled as she shoved the heel in my mouth. With that she squeezed my swollen member between her sultry stockinged feet and began to jack me. It felt so fucking good. I?d gotten a couple of foot jobs before but this woman was a pro. She stroked me hard, her stockings burning as she squeezed my cock more and more with each pump.
?Yea that?s it, /fucking/fuck-mother/">fuck mother?s feet you /whore/">whore!? the nun commanded. ?I know you wanna shoot that creamy load on my sexy stockings. Do it now, you little fuck!?
?Yes ma?am? I responded, her heel still sticking out of my mouth. I began to spasm as I spunked hot gobs of ball mustard on the dirty nun?s kinky feet. She didn?t stop pumping my rod until every drop was drained from xxx sex video download free com my nuts.

?Is he done?? mother superior asked the fat lady looking on.
?Oh no,? fatty replied. ?Two minutes after he came yesterday I swallowed his cock into my asshole. He fucked me good. He?ll be good to go again soon.?
?Good.? the nun said, looking back at me. ?Cuz I?d really like to see him fuck your fat.?
?Sounds good to me,? the fat lady exclaimed. ?Help me off with this,? she ordered her /daughter/">daughter.

Mary slid her mom?s dress over her head, revealing those sweaty folds of pleasure I had porked a few days earlier. My cock rushed to attention again as the nun told me to stand up.
?Show me how nasty you are,? the nun ordered. ?Stick that hard young dick in those /ugly/">ugly folds of flesh!?
?You fucking heard her!? the fat lady yelled. ?Get over here!?

She grabbed me around the waist and pressed me against her side. My cock immediately slid in to a fold in her stomach and I began to pump it.
?Ooooh yea!? mother superior exclaimed. ?That is fucking hot and nasty.?

She came over and pushed my upper body away, keeping my dick enveloped in my fat queen?s flesh mountain.
?Yea let me see that cock sliding into that sweaty fat.? she said as she looked on. I continued to pork the blubber monster?s fat side as the dirty nun watched closely. My cock glistened with moisture as I slid in and out of my fleshy pleasure pile.
?How long till he cums again?? the nun asked.
?When I fucking tell him too!? the fat lady responded. ?Where do you want to see it??

?Oh, somewhere /real/real-fucking/">real fucking nasty.? the nun said. ?When was the last time you washed your armpits??
?A while, mother.? fatty replied. I like the sound of that, though. They?re hairy and sweaty and filthy.?
?Perfect.? the nun said, pushing me away from the fat lady?s side.

My fat queen raised her arm revealing a sweaty, foul smelling mess of hair and flesh underneath.
?Alight /slave/fuck-slave/">fuck slave.? she ordered. ?Lets have that cock right here!?

I obliged and placed my dick in her filthy armpit. She immediately clamped her arm against her side, trapping my cock in a sweaty vice of hair and fat.
?Now fuck my pit till you blow a big wad for us, boy!? She ordered.
?Oh yes my queen.? I eagerly responded. I thrust in and out of her nasty underarm, her body jiggling like jelly with each stroke. It felt so good, as everything else had. I was, again, totally lost in the depravity. The nun put her face to the front of fatty?s arm to attack my cockhead with her tongue as it poked out from its fleshy prison. Before long, my balls were boiling again.

?UHHHHH!? I moaned. ?I?m gonna cum!?
?Yea shoot it for mother!? the nun yelled.
?Fuck yea blow that wad all up in my pit!? the fat lady ordered.

My cock began to pulse as I blew gobs and gobs of hot spooge under the fat woman?s sweaty armpit. As my cockhead poked out the nun caught ropes of cum on her face and wiped it to her lips with her fingers.
?mmmmm? she said as she licked her lips. ?He?s yummy.?
?Thank mother for letting you cum.? the fat lady said, squeezing my spent cock hard under her arm.
?Thank you, mother.? I said to the nun.

?Hmmmm,? she replied. ?What to do with you next??
?Oh don?t worry,? my fat domme answered. ?I?ve got plenty of nasty ideas.

To be continued?