Steele And Jake Forever

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Steele And Jake Forever

10pm. Rain-thuds. Windless. Fingers of mist rolled off the roofs of my neighbourhood houses which looked like giant ships anchored in a dead calm sea of darkness. Depression. Hopelessness. Sensitivity. I'm 18 year old Steele Sanders, and I'm sitting on the rainy front stairs that lead up to my suburban home, lonely, still and blank. My black Nike hoodie drenched, only revealing the lower half of my face, between droplets, I look down, unmoved, like a concrete statue, as if waiting for something to come save me from myself.

"Get a swimming pool", came a boy's voice not too far in front of me, "On the other hand, an umbrella?"

I didn't look up. I didn't falter. Didn't answer. I heard his footsteps draw nearer. Felt him sit down on the step beside me. Felt the sideways splashing of the rain off him adjacent onto my side.

"What's wrong? Freaky. You've been sitting out here in the rain all night. Could see you from my window. Emo. I just had to know. I'm Jake, and I've just moved into my grandparents' house next door, over there"


"So this is what old Spanish teens are like without mobile phones in their pockets", he giggled.

"I'm Steele", I said softly in a voice that sounded foreign to my own.

Cautiously, I looked up and, out of the blackness of my hoodie, I saw him for the /first-time/">first time. What an amazing snapshot. He was dripping wet as he sat there in the broken streetlight, his straight hair almost fully plastered over his almond-like eyes. He looked into mine, as if the slippery strands of hair covering his eyes were invisible, and I could almost feel our vision connect. He was no more than 18 years old himself, and certainly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my /reality/">reality, on paper, or in the history of creation as I know it.

"Hey Steele...", he said in a cool /perfect/perfect-boy/">perfect boy voice, as he tilted his head a little and half-smiled, almost all in slow motion, "Have you gotten anything to eat?"

"Nah actually", I said as if talking to myself, "My parents are out, I'll whip up something later...", my voice trailed off...

"Wait. Go inside. Take this. Can't risk it gettin’ any wetter. I'll be right back", he handed me his phone wrapped tightly in a little blue handkerchief. And then he was off, running back toward his home in the sheets of rain. I thought I glimpsed him turn back once as he ran, and I imagined that half-smile as he did, before disappearing into the darkness across the road. I felt so lost, confused, happy and mixed-up in that moment. And for a split second, i felt as if the raindrops were falling up up into the night sky, and away...

I couldn’t help it. I wasn't myself anymore. Once back inside, I shut the door behind me, leaned back against it, and slid out Jake's phone from the handkerchief. Rubbed my fingers over it carefully. It was warm. Suddenly precious to me. I could feel its power, the electric surge within.

I pressed some buttons and flipped thru it, searching for anything - pictures? music? I don’t know. And then I saw it - his internet browser's search history. My heart raced. It displayed pages upon pages of /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn links. I couldn’t tell if I felt embarrassed, scared, or excited. By now I could feel my heart thumping in my throat. I put the phone down on the table. A tiny ticking metal heart. I left it there. Closed my eyes, and tried to calm down.

A few minutes later Jake returned with a tin of pancake batter, and wasted no time in taking to our kitchen, ushering me there eagerly, where we both cooked and worked like we know each other forever, and in half an hour or less, we were back outside under the barbeque dining shelter, enjoying steamy hot pancakes, butter and syrup. It was a rush, I hardly had time to think, but I have to admit it was fun, I was starving, and now we just relaxed, absorbed in our boy-talk, lost in each others' worlds.

As our voices died down, there was a pause. Then Jake got up, and turned toward me. Abrupt. Almost weird. He looked nearly frustrated, confused, hesitant, but there was also a look of yearning. Then he slowly slid his right hand thru the hair just above blowjob porn videos falling onto my forehead, and tugged at it slightly. I could sense a playful innocent frustration in his grip.

A hint of desperation. An urge. I felt as if I was watching myself from the outside, almost out of control, I got up, stepped closer slowly, reached the back of his neck, leaned in, and kissed him gently. He held on to me, almost grinding himself up against me to return the kiss, and within a few seconds we were wrapped together kissing wildly, like recently un-caged, untamed animals, outside in the middle of the night, a sound of rain still all around us...

We hardly broke our kisses as we both collapsed wildly together naked into my bed, all our skin against each other, twisting and crashing rhythmically like two powerful ocean waves curling within each other, mixing, falling over, under, within, and breaking on the shore. I wanted this boy, and I wanted him bad. I could sense Jake's arousal gushing through him like a tidal wave.

Finally, I ripped off his soaking wet boxers, and examined the secrets of his masculinity that lay bare in front of me. I began kissing and suckling on him all over. There wasn't an inch of him that I didn't taste, the base of his throat, the curve of his waist, to the backs of his knees. The cutest face in the world was twisted with a look of /raw/">raw lust.

Sections of his body would taughten and relax as I moved from part to part. So sensitive. So pure. Then Jake leaned down and flicked my cock with his snakey tongue, licking my shaft, drawing circles around my balls with the tip of it. It was too much. I pushed forward and shoved my throbbing member inside his mouth. He took it all 9 inches in, even though he choked a little, and i could feel his throat muscles contract and relax around my cock.

I sank my hands into his hair. His lips looked so perfect around my cock. They were so soft and looked untouched. Unused. I loved the way they stretched as his head bobbed up and down on my penis. "Fuck yeah Jake! Suck it like a lollipop! Mmmmmmm...". Then I pulled out of his mouth and pinned him to the bed. I kissed his swollen cocktip which was glistening with perfect round spots of pre-cum.

Jake moaned loudly, "ohhhhhhhhhh that feels soooooooo good..." . His dick was a work of art. It was so perfectly curved and slender-looking, with a perfect tan radiance. So sculptured. As if engineered about symmetry and performance. I couldn't believe I had my head between his legs. Couldn’t believe I now knew how his cock tasted, how he sounded when he groaned in pleasure.

His boner felt so slippery and so incredible against my tongue. I had to fight the urge to burst forth and chew on it. After a few more minutes of blowing Jake, he moved his hand toward his asshole, fingering it desperately with his little perfect young finger, "Ahhhhh... Steele, Please fuck me now! Pleeeeeeeease!"

I lifted Jake's legs off the bed to expose his anus. He was so light and flexible, delicate but defined. I rubbed one finger down the centre of his butt, circling the exposed boy-hole lips, then i plunged a finger into his glistening moistness. Jake opened his mouth to speak, when he did, I shoved 3 fingers inside his cunt. He gasped. Pushing and pushing, I felt the tightness of his walls enclosing my fingers.

Then I pulled out and placed my own fuck-stick at his entrance. It felt like a pillow to my prick-head. His body jerked at the contact. A warm tingly sensation travelled up him. Then I inserted my entire hard-on into him, my pre-cum lubed the insertion.. His face twisted and he screamed, "AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!! THAT HURTS AH!!! FUCK!". I felt the stretching walls of his inner body. Felt his butt cheeks slam against my balls. His bubble butt was firm, proportionate and so kissable. Soon I was banging it like a drum, bumping and drilling my dick down Jake's hott love canal.

Jake's athletic young legs were up in the air forming a perfect V-shape at my sides. With every slam, his long sensuous legs would tighten, sleek muscular lines would appear along his sweaty thighs. Soon he wrapped them around my waist, so I could lean down and chew on his lips and delicious beating neck as i screwed him uncontrollably. His whole body shook with each passionate penetration. He purred in my ear each time I pulled out, and yelped each time I stabbed inside him.

I pulled out of Jake to give him some time to breathe. I then slid my velvety tongue in and out of his swollen hole. It made his thighs clench together. I rubbed my cock in his crack, and then along his spotless legs. I rubbed the high arches of his seemingly brand new feet around my cock, fucking them together as my cock slid up against his inner ankles. I smeared my rod against his, in his belly button, the valleys of his neck, all over his face, letting a little pre-cum drip into his flawless ears, then sliding it thru his swift hair, which was almost as silky as the inside of his bottom.

I then turned Jake around and fucked him doggy-style. I held his firm smooth body as i let my cock get engulfed by his hole. I then pressed his face flat down on the bed, keeping his butt raised. Ripples of /ecstasy/">ecstasy flooded through him with each stretching of the walls of his body. I then turned him around with his back on the bed, lifted his legs and rammed into him again.

This time the hardest. I loved the way his eyes widened and glazed each time I thrusted. It was mind-blowing. Jake arched against me as we rocked together. The sensation of my fullness rubbing inside him was like a hot wire against his nerve ends. His prostate was at the peak of its stimulation. A choked, "OH MY GOD!!!! COME INSIDE ME!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!" left his mouth as my jabs accelerated.

"FUCK YEAH, You little bitch. AW AW AWW!!! WIDER", I screamed, pushing his thighs apart.

Jake was losing himself with each thrust. "HARDER STEEELE!!!! FASTER!!! Aw Aw! AWW ah Ah! AHH UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Fuck me yeah. FUCK ME FOREVER!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!! AAAWWWWWWW!!!!!" Dripping with sweat and screaming in pain and ecstasy, Jake looked so hot and gorgeous lying there under me, all tensed up. His smooth voice. His slim slick boy body. His pretty eyes flickering and locking. It can't be described. Crying out my name, his whole body convulsed into a chain of spasms within and without. One ended, and then the next began, and the next.

His sexy glowing feet tensed up in my hands as i held them for support. Jake shot /cute/">cute little jets of boy-cum. Clinging to me, he saw stars, and he knew there were none out tonight. He was biting his lower lip. Seeing Jake shoot pushed me over the edge. I pounded him into the bed so hard, the bed screeched and almost collapsed. I watched Jake’s pupils dilate as he passed out from the most intense, earth-shaking moment in his life.

Then i jerked. I felt my breath stop. Lightning bolts of milf porn videos fulfilment shot thru me. Jake felt something deep inside him bloom, as the last lights left his eyes, staccato spasms of my release. An explosion. I needed it to be inside him, mark him, claim him as my own, forever. It was mind-blowing. Then surrendering to the longest hottest release of my life, I joined Jake in a world where we'd never been. It took a while for me to find myself again.

And as our orgasms rippled away, I felt as if I had truly discovered myself. I watched Jake for a few minutes, rubbing the tip of my nose on his. I couldn’t wipe the soft smile off my face. Then I gently carried my beautiful Jake outside to our hammock, laid him down, and pressed up against him. The cool rain-wet hammock against our hot sweat-wet bodies was so refreshing, as we settled in for a night under the Spanish stars.

Yes, the rain was gone now. The stars were bright. And i was still overwhelmed. Too excited. My mind was racing with intense thoughts and images. I saw myself running from above, then flying from below. I saw vivid colours and bright yellow lights flashing and then disappearing. And then a feeling of great stillness overcame me, and I closed my eyes. But I swear I could still see the stars.

The End.

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