Breakup sex 2 of 2

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Breakup sex 2 of 2

Last night had been the greatest night of my life when I got to /friend/fuck-friend/fuck-my-friend/">fuck my friend and neighbor Tracy who I?d had a crush on my whole entire life. If you haven?t read part one she?d just broken up with her boyfriend who was cheating on her and stayed the night at my house and I had lost my virginity to her that night. When I woke up I found Tracy lying next to me and I tell you there is nothing like waking up to a beautiful /women/">women who you love. She wasn?t awake yet and I just sat and watched her chest rise and fall with the rhythm of her breathing. I knew my parents weren?t going to be home until around midnight so I got up and didn?t worry about putting my clothes on and started making breakfast for us. I made us pancakes and toast and I brought them to Tracy and woke her up and we had breakfast in bed. 

Unfortunately, I had to be at work in 2 hours so I decided to take a shower and I asked Tracy if she wanted to join me. We got into the shower and started washing each other and it didn?t take me long until my cock was standing at attention and she knew exactly what to do. She started to massage my cock and I started massage her breast as I lowered my mouth down to her right breast. I sucked on her breast until her nipples started to get hard then I lowered myself to her beautifully shaven pussy. She was already horny and her clit was popping out of the top of her pussy just waiting for me to lick it. I took her clit in my mouth and went to work on it with my tongue.

As I was eating out her clit and I took one hand and started fingering her pussy and with the other finger I started fingering her tight /asshole/">asshole. This was driving her mad and I felt her legs start to vibrate and she started yelling ?I?M CUMMING OH MY GOD?. Her pussy juices started to flow and I just lapped up all her juices. I wasn?t done yet as I turned her around and started to /hole/ass-hole/lick-her-asshole/">lick her asshole and I tried to fuck her asshole with my tongue. I kept massaging her clit with my tongue and it didn?t take her long to cum again. I didn?t need a blowjob and my dick was starting to hurt from how hard it was. My head was a turning purple and I knew if I didn?t fuck her soon my balls would turn blue white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie if they weren?t already. 

We didn?t want to fuck in the shower for fear of falling down so I took her to my room and laid her down on my bed and started to fuck her from behind. My cock felt so good sliding in and out of her wetness and having her contractions of pleasure squeeze my cock every time I slid into her. We fucked into this position until she turned me over and sat on my dick and started to ride my dick like a /crazy/crazy-girl/">crazy girl. She was pumping so hard I could tell she was going to cum and then I saw her legs start to vibrate as she started to yell I?m cumming. I couldn?t hold back any longer and I shot my load deep into her pussy at the same time her juices we starting to overflow and cover stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv my dick and balls with pussy juice.

I wasn?t done yet as I let her have my cock and clean it off with her mouth as I turned her around and stuck my dick into her asshole. Her asshole was tight and my dick was bigger then her ex-boyfriends so it took a minute for me to be able to get all my cock inside her. I started to pound her as hard as I could and with everytime I went farther in my balls slapped against her pussy. I wanted her pussy again so I slipped my dick out of her pussy and jammed it into her pussy. I fucked her with my dick as it was a batter ram and I pounded her as hard as I could.

 She started to massage her clit and she started to cum just as I was cumming again. I shot the rest of my load into her pussy. I called in sick that day and we had sex a couple more times that day. 

We are still together and we are now engaged.