Brad and Ali Get it on

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Brad and Ali Get it on

I felt hot. I had dressed in a short, tight-as-can-be, black, leather, mini-skirt, and a white see-through tank-top with a red lacy bra, to extentuate my melon-sized, 36-c breasts. I let my long, wavy, /blonde/">blonde hair flow over my shoulders, and I added a touch of make-up around my sky-blue eyes. I slipped on my black stilettos, adding a couple of inches of height to my 5'6",and I was ready.

I showed up at the /party/">party fashionably late, and came in just as everyone was slow dancing. as I passed couples' laying on couches and fingering each other on the floor, I began to get horny myself. I wandered throughout my /friend/best-friend/">best friend's mansion, looking in every room to see couples going at it hard. then I passed a room with an open door, and saw Dianne's (my best friend) boyfriend laying with his back to Dianne's bed, and her riding him hard, both moaning loudly. good for her -- she finally got what she wanted from him. I silently closed the door and continued down the hall.

as I walked into the kitchen I noticed that no gals were in here. all the guys heads turned as they heard me walk in, and a hushed silence fell over them as their eyes feasted on my perfect body. I sexily walked over to the couch, where only one guys was sitting, and sat down next to him. I didn't notice who he was until we met each other's eyes, full hd xvideo download then I realized it was Brad, my highschool boyfriend and first. "Brad?!" I whispered, with disbelief. "you know it. I came here just for you." he whispered back, and by then we both knew what would happen. he started to lean closer to me, then lightly kissed me on the lips. he pulled back, stared at me for a minute or so, then went at it.

we deeply kissed for maybe 10 minutes, grateful to be with each other again. by the end of it we were both laying on the couch, me on top of him. we pulled away, and both decided at the same time that we wouldn't do it here. so I sat up, and he stood up, then led me through the crown of men to the back of the house. 

we reached a room with no one in it, and we stepped in, closing the door. we both stood in silence, knowing we couldn't wait much longer. he made the first move. he stepped over to me, and started to kiss me again. but this time, he slowly backed me up to the bed, then layed me down on it. while he was sucking at my mouth, his hands crept up the back of my shirt, undoing the bra clasp. he stopped kissing for a moment only to lift both the shirt and the bra off of my body, then he started kissing my breasts.

ever so slowly he traced circles around my /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples, every go-around getting closer to the center. when he reached my nipples, he started sucking, and biting, and licking all over my breasts. I let out small free porn movies download moans of pleasure each time he bit my nipples, and I let him pleasure me for as long as he wanted. as he was sucking at my boobs, his hands slid down to my thighs under my skirt, and he started rubbing. he worked his hands to my midriff, then undid the skirt clasp and slipped off my skirt, revealing my red lace /thong/">thong. he carelessly slipped that off too, leaving them in a heap on the floor. all the while he was still sucking and licking my melon-breasts. his fingers yet-again ventured up the inside of my thights, and he found my hole, then started with his middle finger. in, out, in, out. he added another finger, and by then, my pussy was already dripping wet. he stopped with my breasts, then licked up all of my moistness, working his way up to my clit. his tongue massaged my clit, then he forced it in my pussy. "oh!" I exclaimed. it felt so good! all at once he stopped, and I told him to lay down.

I ripped off his shirt, pants, and boxers like a ravenous animal, then I rubbed his shaft, getting him ready for what was to come. I sat down on my knees at the base of the bed, and I took him into my throat. he was so big! he stood on the floor, and face-fucked me until he cummed all over the inside of my mouth. we both layed back on the bed, and he deeply kissed me, liking the taste of him in my mouth. then I moaned: "I want you in me!" so he flipped me over without a moments hesitation and slipped in me. 

my juices dripped all over, mixing with his precum. he fucked me hard and fast, and he was tightly squeezing my breasts to help him thrust into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing all of his manhood inside of my soaking pussy. then we both exploded, and he pulled out.

"now let me pleasure you as much as you did me!" I layed on the bed, telling him to sit on my stomach with his shaft down the middle of my breasts. he did what he was told, and soon I had him crazily humping my boobs as I tightly squeezed them together over his dick. by now we were both loudly moaning, and I yelled " UP MY ASS! I WANT YOU UP MY ASS!" 

with no hesitation, he rolled me over and parted my tight cheeks. he wet his manhood with some of my juices, rubbing them all over his shaft. he then slowly at first slipped up my /asshole/">asshole. it felt so good, having him stretch out my shoot like that! I know he was enjoying the /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole squeezing over his penus, because he was moaning as loud as I was! he fucked me hard again, and then he pulled out. we both layed on the bed, gasping and reflecting on our great night. 

we both pulled on our clothes, then slipped out the bedroom door. we went out and joined the dancing, all night kissing each other and fingering each other when the couples weren't watching. that was the night of any girls dreams.